About Stamford School

Stamford School is strategically located in Dago Atas in the beautiful, cool city of Bandung, West Java at an elevation up to 1100 meters above sea level. The school is set amongst the lush green hills within the Allegro Altura private estate. The surroundings give the school the benefit of beautiful outdoor learning spaces - far enough away from the city centre to enjoy clean, fresh air yet close enough for easy access.


We are an inclusive school and are very proud of the diversity and togetherness of our whole school community. One of the core values we impart to our students is the importance of building good relationships regardless of culture, race or religion. The open-mindedness embedded in these relationships can then be extended to the community outside the school as Stamfordians move on to their further education and careers, whether inside or outside of Indonesia.


Our school policies are formulated with our students’ interests in mind. School leaders work together with our caring teachers to nurture and bring out the best potential in our students and prepare them for the many life challenges. Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure that your child receives the best possible education and is cared for in every way.


Internationally accepted academic qualifications are essential to prepare our students for this highly competitive and globalised world. In fact, Stamford School was one of the first schools in Bandung to offer Cambridge qualifications when it was founded in 2009. One of our school’s strengths is the ability to adapt to constantly changing global demands. In order to better connect our students to their dream colleges and universities, we have started to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma qualifications starting from 2019. ​Cambridge and IB qualifications are recognised by the world’s top universities and employers, giving Stamford students a wide range of options in their tertiary education and future careers. In addition, most of our students will be able to read, write and converse in three languages (English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia), a skill set that will equip them well for life after school.


However, to succeed in the world today, high academic achievement is no longer enough. ​The mission of Stamford School is to nurture our students holistically, prepare them for the future and inculcate the importance of respecting others, self and the environment. We prepare our students to flourish in the world outside. Lifeskills, the ability to communicate well and collaborate come high on our list of essential skills all bound together by a strong focus on character education. 

It is our vision that our students will graduate as aspiring leaders who will contribute not only to the country but to the rest of the world as well. Stamfordians receive an excellent education that will sustain them as they move on to further their study in university and commence their careers. We are fully committed to helping our students to become creative problem-solvers, independent, confident and valuable members of society. 


We are proud to have alumni studying in universities all around the world.