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Real Distance Learning

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

By: Carolyn Sulaeman

Featuring two new Stamfordians studying remotely.

While all Stamford students are currently facing the challenge of online learning due to the pandemic, we have two new students who are literally going the extra mile and truly distance learning.

Maryam Azka Carina Alam of P2 is currently studying with us from Algeria where her parents (both ITB graduates) have been working in the oil industry. Maryam, one of five siblings, joins us from around 11.30am every day - the time difference with Algeria is around six hours - and has additional classes in the afternoon to make up for her missing morning classes. She also receives recordings of all the P2 live lessons so she can keep up with her classmates and is able to join the afternoon homeroom session each day. 

Maryam is a well travelled little girl having spent time living in Algeria, Indonesia and Norway. She is very sporty and creative and enjoys learning new things and her main language is English having attended an American School although her home language is Bahasa Indonesia..

The arrangement suits Maryam’s parents well. Ibu Selby explained to us:

Studying at Stamford, Maryam will have continuity in case we move back to Indonesia and as well we feel far more secure by having her at home with us during this difficult pandemic period. I do believe there are quite a number of parents that have the same concern, and I am sure the models would satisfy and be beneficial for them. 

We can clearly say that the experience thus far with Stamford has been wonderful! Very professional teachers, patient and kind approach, the variety of the learning and the flexibility to accommodate the six hours hours difference.

Thank you for welcoming Maryam (and us) to Stamford, looking forward to a great learning experience with the Stamford team and bright future for all the extended families.

We all wish Maryam and her family a very warm welcome to the Stamford community.

As a new Sec 4 student, Meidina Fii Raudhetein is also adjusting to learning with a time difference. She has been living with her family in Saudi Arabia (where her Dad is based for work) for the last ten years. Though the family usually return to Indonesia once a year for summer vacations, this year they were planning to move back to Indonesia for good but because of Covid restrictions, their planned return has been put on hold.

Meanwhile, Meidina is facing the challenge of temporarily dealing with the time-zone difference and having to be present at online lessons four hours in advance from Saudi as well as adapting to a new curriculum. In her own words:

Regarding the online school experience so far, I, and most likely a majority of others, believe virtual learning is not as fully effective as attending classes physically. However, starting from the beginning of this week, schedules and lessons have been slightly better. Other than that, staying in front of a device for consecutively long hours causes headaches and exhausted eyes. Doing homework also adds hours in front of a device, which extends the inconvenience further. Despite all this, I acknowledge that the planned lessons still need to be covered. Hopefully students, teachers and staff can overcome this period of distance learning and communication. 

As a new student here in Stamford School this year, I am personally still having difficulties with transitioning into the Cambridge curriculum as the previous school I attended was North-American based. It is also a challenge for me to temporarily deal with the time-zone difference and having to be present at online lessons four hours in advance from Saudi. Surely it’s tough to wake up at extremely early hours for attendance calls, but I’m slowly starting to make it a routine. Let’s all stay healthy and get through this!

We also wish Meidina all the very best for her studies at Stamford and warmly welcome her and her family to the Stamford family.

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