• Aditya Perdana

The Future of Education - the Covid Era and Beyond

With the overwhelming changes brought about by the Covid-19 virus, we have been forced to adapt and grow very quickly - it has been a steep learning curve for us all. The virus is rewriting our imagination. What felt impossible has become thinkable; whether we like it or not, we are entering a new era.

With the reflection that any new situation demands of us, we have realised as a school, that our learning will never be the same again.

Possibly, in a few months, we can return to some version of the old normal. However, understandably, many parents will be hesitant to send their children back into the physical school until they are absolutely sure that their children’s safety is secured. As a school that places a very high value on the wellbeing of our students, we will be able to offer the following guarantees for the next school year:

  • A spacious, green campus that makes physical distancing relatively easy to achieve

  • A maximum of 15 students per class at all levels

  • Airy classrooms and extensive outdoor spaces - easily able to accommodate a safely spaced seating arrangement and outdoor lessons

  • Daily deep cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, desks and chairs.

  • Outdoor footwear may not be worn in school. Outdoor shoes will be left in the lobby and clean indoor slippers will be worn by all staff and students (a practice adopted from schools in Japan).

  • Timed handwashing throughout the day, compulsory mask-wearing until safe not to do so.

  • School health centre and twice-daily temperature check.

  • Hand sanitizer stations around school

  • All staff, teachers, students and visitors must wear a mask and carry personal hand sanitizer.

  • Live streaming/recording of classes and use of Google Classroom for classwork, homework and assessments for students whose parents who are not yet ready to send them back to school

  • Compulsory contact tracing for all visitors to the school.

Book a virtual school tour and meet school management by video chat to find out all we can offer you. Your child’s wellbeing is our utmost concern.

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