“The classroom should be a place where every student learns to express her/himself confidently to share their ideas and opinions; useful members of any community can use their voice effectively to make a difference to their world in both small and big things”

Ms Carolyn Sulaeman

( Stamford School Curriculum Coordinator )

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The Primary curriculum is based on the Singapore curriculum and the Cambridge International Primary Programme which are innovative and dynamic. With our qualified and dedicated teachers and staff, the students will be empowered with all skills that will enable them to be successful learners in their Secondary years.

Co-Curricular Activities: 

The school offers a diverse range of co-curricular opportunities including academic pursuits, leadership programmes, sports (basketball, soccer, martial arts, badminton), special interests (arts, dance, cooking and calligraphy) religion, marching band, choir and community involvement. There are also opportunities for the students to participate in overseas exchange programmes in Singapore, China and other countries as well as overseas educational trips for primary five and six.

Student Welfare Programme: 

Pastoral and Life Skills

Stamford offers programmes and support for character development and personal well-being. Roots and Wings is a framework for inculcating values encapsulated in our Mission and Vision such as respect and leadership. Through "Lifewise", our students get to learn useful practical skills such as washing and cooking. A guidance counsellor is available to students on personal matters and gives specialised support.


Remedial Classes

The school conducts Remedial classes to assist students who are having difficulties in English, Mathematics, Science and Mandarin. Teachers provide extra help to these students to overcome their weaknesses.


Academic Programme: 

The School Year

The school year generally begins in July and ends on the last week of June. It is divided into two semesters with the first semester finishing in early December with a month of Christmas Break. The school also has a week break in September and March.

School Days

The first period of the day begins promptly at 7.45 a.m. Mondays through Fridays.

The Primary Department is committed to providing high-quality education to motivate students to achieve their highest potential and prepare them to become lifelong learners who will exercise a sense of responsibility and leadership in school and the community.


We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and equip the students with all the skills they need to become confident, competent, independent and motivated learners.

Assessment/ Examinations

Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of assessment tools when evaluating students’ performance. Students are regularly assessed. There are continual assessment every Term 1 and Term 3, semestral examinations and Interdisciplinary Project.


Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Test and Local National Examinations ( Ujian Nasional ) are also offered to Primary 6 students.